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Goodman 0230K00001

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0230K00001 - Goodman/Amana Hot Surface Furnace Ignitor HSI

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This is a Goodman universal replacement furnace ignitor (0230K00001). It is the recommended furnace hot surface ignitor by Goodman Manufacturing to use for all Goodman furnaces. The product comes with an adapter bracket and wiring harness adapter. While the ignitor might look different from the one you currently have, this ignitor will still work for you if you have a Goodman furnace. This furnace ignitor uses silicone nitride instead of silicone carbide, which means it will operate for years longer than previous ignitor models.


Here at DuctlessAirUnit.com, we recommend that if you're buying a single ignitor from us, that you consider picking up a second one, just as a backup. Remember from time to time, ignitors break, crack or just don't last, and what worse time to have that happen than when it's freezing inside your home! So keep a spare on hand and don't get stuck in the cold, pick up a second ignitor to avoid any headaches! We'll even take $2.00 off each ignitor when you buy a 2 or more!


Replacement for Goodman/Amana part number(s): 0230K00001, B14010-15S.


Used on, but not limited to the following Goodman/Amana unit model(s): GMV, GCV, GMH, GCH, GMS, GCS, GKS, GMNTE, GMNT, GMT, GDT, GMPN, GMPH, GMP, GSU.


GDT045-3, GDT045-3A, GDT070-3, GDT070-3A, GDT090-4, GDT090-4A, GDT115-5, GDT115-5A, GMN060-3, GMN080-4, GMN100-4, GMN120-5, GMNT040-3, GMNT060-3, GMNT080-4, GMNT100-4, GMNT120-5, GMP050-3, GMP075-3, GMP075-4, GMP100-3, GMP100-4, GMP100-5, GMP125-4, GMP125-5, GMP150-5, GMPE075-3, GMPE075-3A, GMPE100-4, GMPE100-4A, GMPE125-5, GMPE125-5A, GMPH050-3, GMPH075-4, GMPH080-5, GMPH120-5, GMPN040-3, GMPN060-3, GMPN080-4, GMPN100-4, GMPN120-5, GMPV075-1.5, GMPV075-3, GMPV100-3, GMPV100-5, GMPV125-3, GMPV125-5, GMT045-3, GMT045-3A, GMT070-3, GMT070-3A, GMT070-4, GMT070-4A, GMT090-3, GMT090-3A, GMT090-4, GMT090-4A, GMT090-5A, GMT115-5, GMT115-5A, GMT135-5, GMT140-5, GMT140-5A, GMTH045-3, GMTH045-3A, GMTH070-4, GMTH070-4A, GMTH090-5, GMTH090-5A, GMTH115-5, GPD050-3, GPD075-3, GPD100-4, GPD125-4, GSM060-3, GSM080-4, GSM100-4, GSMS060-3, GSMS080-4, GSMS100-4, GUS050-2, GUS075-3, GUS100-4, GUS125-5.